High-rise residents suffer from foul smell

High-rise residents suffer from foul smell

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Many residents at several apartment buildings in Hanoi and HCM City are complaining about being surrounded by dumping sites.


Apartment buildings in Nam An Khanh Urban Area in Hanoi are surrounded by rubbish.

The residents in Hanoi’s Hoai Duc District are having to cope with the stench from the rubbish that was dumped in the residential area. The temporary overflowing dumping site of Thang Long Victory urban area in Hoai Duc District, owned by Phuc Ha Group, was located next to the entrance route and children’s playground.

The representative of Phuc Ha Group said the rubbish had spilt out on the street about one month ago and badly affected the lives of the residents. The rubbish was supposed to be transferred to Xuan Son dumping site. However, the locals in Xuan Son Commune blocked the entrance to the site because of a dispute over ground clearance compensation rate after the Xuan Son dumping site was expanded.

Phuc Ha Group have asked district authorities and management board to find a solution for the problem.

Residents at other apartment complexes including Geleximco An Khanh and Golden An Khanh in Hoai Duc District are also having to deal with the rubbish. Those who live in higher floors also close their windows all day because of the smell.

“Even though we live in a high-rise building, we still have to bear the smell, especially when it’s sunny and windy. We don’t go out much because we afraid our children may have respiratory diseases,” said Nguyen Manh Son, a resident at Thang Long Victory.

After filling complaints about the dumping site, Hoai Duc District authorities used lime powder and tarpaulin to cover up the site. However, the stench is still strong.

AZ Sky Dinh Cong in Hanoi and Phu My Hung urban area in HCM City face the same problem and many complaints have been filed. About 300 apartments in southern HCM City can’t be sold because of the rubbish and investors have no idea when is the best time to put the apartments up for sale.

Real estate brokers said their works were also badly affected as potential buyer shied away from the dumping site. Nguyen Duc Hai said a few days ago, he led a customer to Nam An Khanh to see the apartment in Hanoi. But the customer didn’t want to proceed and returned home even though they were still outside the building and the price was cheap.



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