HCM City covered in fog for hours

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Frequent rains in the past days caused thick fog in many parts of HCM City on November 8, according to the Southern Regional Hydro-meteorological Centre.

After several days of rainfall, the weather in HCM City has been humid so when the sun rises, the city was covered in fog from early morning. Vision was drastically limited on the streets as well as for those who live in high-rises even at 9 am.

The citizens marvelled at the mysterious cityscape caused by the fog and the cool weather. A local said, “HCM City only has a few cool days like this. It’s as if we were in Da Lat.”

The Southern Regional Hydro-meteorological Centre said this was not air pollution but water vapour cooled at night and condensed into fog form.

However, many experts still warned locals to wear masks and dress warm before going out, especially early in the morning or at night. Inhaling the fog with city dust and emission could harm the respiratory system.

It is forecasted that HCM City will have cool weather at night and early in the morning in the next few days. The city will experience temperatures of around 24 to 32 degrees.

Some photos of the Ho Chi Minh City covered in thick fog on November 8:








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