Canadian tourists lead clean-up of Quy Nhon beach

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A group of Canadian visitors have called on people to gather litter on a beach in Binh Dinh Province’s Quy Nhon City.

The Canadian visitors and local people gather litter on a beach in Binh Dinh Province’s Quy Nhon City on March 21.

Cameron Beardley from Canada who initiated the campaign said that he used to come to Quy Hoa Beach to swim and read, three months after he returned there, he was surprised to see the place covered by rubbish. He and members of his group contacted some Vietnamese friends to discuss cleaning up the beach.

Their idea was responded to by many people, including students and doctors from Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital. On the morning of March 21, they jointly cleaned the beach for three hours.

Several local families took their children to the beach to participate.

Vu Tuan Anh, director of the hospital, said the movement would help to raise the public awareness of environmental protection.

“If this is frequently organised, the hospital will provide bags and gloves as well as other necessary tools,” Anh added.



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